Business Opportunity

At VMAlife, our mission is to "Help others achieve lifelong heath and success." As part of the VMAlife family, I am offering you a chance at not only living a healthier and happier life, but also giving you the opportunity to attain financial freedom! Seize it now or regret it later.

About VMAlife

VMAlife is first and foremost a health and wellness company. We are operating in 6 countries across Asia, namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, with Singapore as its headquarters. More markets are expected to open within the next few years due to the rapid growth of the company.

VMAlife hopes to empower people in 2 ways:

  1. through supplementation of its ultra-premium liquid nutrition products
  2. through the sharing of these products

Simply put, VMAlife offers attractive and lucrative bonuses and commissions to the people who choose to promote the VMAlife brand and become part of our mission.


Unlike other traditional businesses, VMAlife has adopted the Affiliate Marketing business model to promote its products.

Affiliate Marketing is not a new concept. The idea of a referral system has been used throughout history by everyone at some point in their lives. Haven’t you gone to watch a movie, found it incredible and can’t wait to tell a friend to watch it too? That’s the same idea that VMAlife has. However, instead of movies, we encourage our Affiliates to share their love and passion for health and wellness with their friends!


Affiliate Marketing

So what exactly is the process of Affiliate Marketing?

      1. You join as a Member of VMAlife by purchasing an Affiliate Pack.
      2. You like the products very much and want to share them with a friend!
      3. Your friend decides to try the products or maybe he/she wants to do the business like you.
      4. Your friend buys the products from VMAlife based on your referral.
      5. VMAlife rewards you with cash bonuses.

Ask yourself - Do you want a fulfilling life?

Do you want the means to live your dreams and pursue your passions?
VMAlife can help you achieve these and so much more!

So don't pass over this wonderful opportunity to do something worthwhile and rewarding,
because if I can do it, you can too!

VMAlife Compensation Plan

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